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Jean Marc Joseph



Dr. Jean Marc Joseph established his Evangelistic Ministry following 27 years of devoted service to Christianity. Dr. Joseph is an Evangelist, a Chaplain, and a Leader at Christian Church of New York (CCNY), and Volunteer as Health Care Analyst at Metropolitan Hospital, New York. He has a Masters in Medical Informatics from SUNY (2011), and Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Medgar Edgars College, CUNY (2008). Dr. Joseph served as Law Enforcement Officer for NYPD for more than 10 years. He has performed in the field of ministry since 2001. Dr. Joseph received the Award for Excellence in Research, Clinical Excellence, and Academic Excellence of the Year (2011) and holds certifications in data, project, and records management. 

In his service to ministry, Dr. Joseph organizes, provides lectures, presentations/seminars, and worship services to a variety of age groups. His expansive knowledge and experience in the field includes participation in administration, staff leadership, counseling and religious guidance across cultural groups, and continuing education and conferences to enhance the stability of care for church members. He serves as President of the Evangelizations Group and strives to enhance all aspects of constructive relationships in the church membership.

Dr. Joseph repented and converted to Christianity in 1993 and invested his energies into studying the Bible by attending seminars and Bible School. He came to the United States of America in May 2001 and gained United States Citizenship. Beginning with the GED from Prospects High School in 2002, Dr. Joseph applied self-determination and focus to work his way through higher education to earn his PhD with academic honors. 

In Ephesians 4:11, the Bible states “He gave some Apostles, Prophets, and some Evangelists; and some Pastors and teachers.” Dr. Joseph felt a calling to become an evangelist and teacher in the name of the Lord God. As a staff Evangelist, Chaplain, and Leader, Dr. Joseph participates in the comprehensive efforts for administrative and spiritual growth of the church. His goal is to continue expanding the knowledge and experiences that facilitate the growth of his ministry and the people of God in a way that benefits the Kingdom of God. Dr. Joseph desires to create a path that other Christians and ministers in the kingdom of God may follow and believes this process will cultivate and enhance the journey of his ministry.


Dr. Joseph is a dynamic individual who has endured many challenges and has managed to fulfill the goals that he has set for himself. He applies himself earnestly to serve others as a team-oriented person, communicator, and public servant. Dr. Joseph recognizes the complex challenges that the 21st century presents in ministry and the field of medical informatics. He has the combined educational, professional, and ministerial experience to respond to these challenges with innovative, modern approaches involving information technology and creative, enthusiastic methods for problem solving.

Dr. Joseph is married to Madrid N Joseph. She is also from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. They have two kids together, Jemima and Sarah Joseph.

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