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Marriage Counseling

"Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled" -  Hebrew 13:4a

Enjoy Each Other Again

Has your marriage been broken for years, and you’re looking for a real solution?

Do you feel hopeless and helpless, and are losing patience?


Do you feel discouraged from waiting to see changes in your spouse…  

Do you feel that you worry too much, and are weary from the struggles?

Take comfort in knowing that we are here to facilitate your journey from pain and suffering to peace and unity in God’s Love.

We have helped countless couples heal from bitterness, resentment, depression and anxiety. 

We understand that every person and couple are unique. Our therapies are personalized to address your needs.


Individual Therapy


We help you recognize and build on your strengths. Following Biblical principles, we offer steps to make your life less stressful and more fulfilling.

Couples Therapy

We help rebuild trust, connection and romance in a relationship through practical, tried-and-true methods.


Premarital Counseling

We provide premarital counselling for couples who are engaged and preparing for marriage. This guidance encourages engaged couples to examine the goals and expectations for the family, such as what to expect in the household.


We can advise engaged couples about marital sexuality and desires to the degree of the couple’s comfort for such discussions. We can discuss career goals, family history, health conditions in the family, or other concerns. We can also facilitate discussion about topics such as household duties, or questions and perspectives about money. 



Many couples have been blessed by our ministry, and have seen God's providential grace at work in their personal lives and relationships to heal and to restore that which was once broken. Out of respect for privacy and some individuals’ decisions to leave overcome struggles in the past, we do not share extensive examples about the many other couples we have helped. But their stories are all shaped by faith in God and the renewal he offers. 

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